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Cooking does not have to be complicated! Easy Recipes Online is a website that provides you with free online recipes (for your personal use). You will find recipes with pictures and full instructions to guide you.

Are you looking to eat healthier? Perhaps you are searching for what to make for the next pot luck or bake sale? You've come to the right place! Have a look through my handpicked selection of recipes. I tested all of them in my own kitchen!

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More about Easy Recipes Online...

Hello! My name is Hai and thank you for visiting my site. Yes that's me cooking some vegetables in the picture below. The picture was taken in a friend's kitchen during my stay in Faxe, Denmark.

Hai cooking in Faxe

I was not good at cooking at first. With practice I became better at it and it grew into an enjoyable passion of mine. Anyone, no matter what the situation in life they are in right now, can learn to cook with helpful cooking advice.

I want to share my experience and passion of cooking with you through this website:

  • Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. It's a saying from Albert Einstein who is a hero of mine. Cooking recipes you find here are easy to understand and gives you the full picture (you'll see what I mean!)
  • Organization saves time. I wrote the recipes in a way to help you be efficient. That means there's time to enjoy other things in life too.
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. Many recipes I find don't seem to have pictures about the execution of the recipe. To better guide you, I included recipes with pictures of how I made it in my kitchen.
  • All recipes you will find here are free online recipes (for your personal use), accessible at any time, and from anywhere!
  • Cooking for two or more? Too busy to cook everyday? This website provides you with some tips for cooking large batches.

I hope you will enjoy the selection of easy recipes. Bon appetit!

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