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Avocado Salad Recipe

This avocado salad recipe is simple and makes a delectable salad. It's nutritious because it contains spinaches, roman hearts, and the avocado itself. With the sliced onions and vinegar dressing, it's far from bland!

You'll want to take each in every scoop! Avocado is healthy because it has vitamin E and contains anti-oxidant. This article provides some additional information on avocados and health.

Also, spinach may not be the prized winner for the most favourable vegetable, but you’ve GOT to agree with the mom; it is good for you! =] How so? It has lots of minerals, fibres and iron.

You’ll enjoy eating this salad on a sunny day, sitting back and knowing that you got your nutrition!

Submitted by Caro

Total time: 15 min

Ingredients (1 serving):

1 avocado diced
roman hearts
baby spinach
half of small onion
50 ml vinegar
lemon (optional: to replace vinegar and pepper)


Part 1 (5 min)
(1) Place baby spinach in a bowl to the quantity desired. (2) Place roman hearts in a bowl to the quantity desired. (3) Slice the onions thinly and mix into the bowl.

making avocado salad part 1

Part 2 (10 min)
(1) Peel the outside layer of the avocados and remove the seed. (2) Dice the avocados using a sharp knife. (3) Carefully mix it into the bowl (place them on top layer if in doubt). (4) On a separate small bowl, add 50 ml of vinegar. (5) Sprinkle pepper to the bowl of vinegar (6) From the small bowl, drizzle the dressing using a spoon onto the avocado salad bowl.

making avocado salad part 2

Here's a close-up, doesn't it look good?!

avocado salad bowl 2

Serve and enjoy.

avocado salad bowl 1

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