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Chocolate covered strawberries recipe

Strawberries are in! In season that is. So what I have for you here is a chocolate covered strawberries recipe! I used to think those chocolate covered strawberries I see by the Godiva store window were free samples (silly me – wishful thinking). But, at the very least, it’s not impossible to make at home.

The chocolate covered strawberries recipe serves as a luxury dessert for everyone as it’s delicious, juicy and the chocolate just melts into bliss. I suppose it’s somewhat true that many people have a weakness for chocolate. As quoted, “The three best pleasures in life are scratching, sneezing, and eating chocolate” *scratch*scratch*…. I guess that’s true :p


*Enemy beware: water. I tried diluting it one time and it actually turned my melted chocolate from smooth to sandy, grainy, useless clumps. Absolutely do prevent the chocolate from getting in contact with water – even through condensation from the lid or steam.

*Don’t overheat the chocolate. They don’t like it too hot for this or
else they’ll burn or become clumpy yet again. (You would think the chocolate covered strawberries recipe would be as easy as dipping french fries to ketchup!)

*For the drizzle: use a spoon or fork (best) to drizzle on top of the coated strawberry or you can use paper cone (by squeezing through the tube) instead.

There’s certainly many ways to do it, but this is a simple chocolate covered strawberries recipe that is just as delightful. Also the measurements are not as strict here because essentially, you're just dipping your goodies into chocolate. Enjoy! *Creative tidbit at the end*

By Caro

Total time: 30 mins

Ingredients (yield: 1lb of chocolate covered strawberries)

125g of milk chocolate (or dark chocolate)
125g of white chocolate
2 tsp of margarine (1 tsp for each chocolate colour)
1 lb of strawberries with leaves intact
chocolate covered strawberries 1
sorry, the margarine didn't make it in the spotlight here!
chocolate covered strawberries 2

At first I used chipits but it failed miserably for me so I bought Donini’s white chocolate bar that actually says it can be used for fondue for a much better result. Chipits brand is probably better to be constantly heated in a pot instead (must be at low heat and stir with patience). In THIS case, I prefer to microwave the Donini bars below

chocolate covered strawberries 3


(1) Place milk chocolate in the ramekin (or a microwavable cup) and add 1 tsp of margarine
(2) Microwave for 1 min first (you don’t want to overheat it)
(3) Stir to see if it can be fully melted. (It may only LOOK solid, so stir to check). If it is still solid, microwave 15 seconds every time until it is fully melted.
(4) Repeat Step 1 to 3 for white chocolate
(5) Dry the strawberries after washing
(6) otherwise you get this! It won’t latch on as well.

chocolate covered strawberries 4
chocolate covered strawberries 6
(Step 6 - enlarged) what happens when you don't dry it

Different looks you can do:

1. Dip one colour
chocolate covered strawberries dip 1
chocolate covered strawberries dip 2
2. Marble effect (pour white on one side of the dark chocolate)
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
3. Dip one colour and drizzle the other colour using a spoon or fork
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
chocolate covered strawberries dip 3
Method 1: Perfection
(1) Insert a toothpick/skewers in the middle of the strawberry
(2)Aerial view
(3) Dip!
(4) Insert it upside down on a Styrofoam piece
(5) Repeat Step 1 to 4
(6) Refrigerate for 15 mins or until solid
Method 1 chocolate covered strawberries recipe
chocolate covered strawberries toothpick 1
Method 2: Lazy rock
(1) Get a flat plate
(2) Cut the wax paper around the same size of the plate
(3) Trim the corners into a circle to fit inside the plate
(4) Dip!
(5) Place them on the flat plate
(6) Repeat Step 1 to 5 until finished then refrigerate for 15 mins or until solid
Method 2 chocolate covered strawberries recipe
chocolate covered strawberries final 3
chocolate covered strawberries final 4
For a creative idea: a mini bouquet!

(1) Get a cute pot. Mine is for honey, but its role today is to be a flower pot.
(2) Cut the styrofoam to fit inside the pot
(3) Cut smaller Styrofoam pieces and stack them on (using tape) to create a hill
(4) Cut out a nice piece of thin fabric (slightly larger than the pot size) (My fabric was from an old real flower bouquet) (Make sure you can poke a hole in it)
(5) Tuck the fabric in
(6) From method 1, insert the refrigerated “flowers” on top (with skewers preferably)
bouquet 1
bouquet 2
Great gift if they love to smell the chocolates ;)

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