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Thank you for visiting Easy Recipes Online. All content on the internet is protected under Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Plagiarism (copying content and not giving credit to the author) is a serious offence. This happens way too often over the internet because it's so easy to copy and paste a bunch of codes, or either people are not aware of copyright protection. Think about it... if you worked hard to write all that content and someone comes along and downright copies it, how would you feel? Copying someone's content is NOT a nice thing to do!

Hai Nguyen (the owner of Easy Recipes Online), own all the content, written and photographs, of this site. You cannot:
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Here are some exceptions. You are allowed to:
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If you would like to use the content or images for any other purposes, please contact me. If you take the content or images without my permission and I find out (I have Copyscape), I will first give you a warning by asking you to the take down the information. If you do not comply within 1 day, I will have to take legal actions against you. I have all the necessary proof/resources to do that. Please do not attempt to copy my material, or in general material of which you are not the author. It is just unnecessary trouble for both parties involved.

I provide the information to you as is and I cannot be held accountable for any accidents.

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