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Orange Jello recipe

This is an orange flavoured jello recipe packed with real oranges :) It’s very easy to do and great for your kid’s party! If you’re a child at heart, then why not join in on the fun! I still remember the song “J-E-L-L-O” from the commercial and it brings me memories when I came across the box of jello powder. The jello recipe is versatile, as you can put various fruits in it as well. However, 2 fruits on the wall of shame (that you can’t use) are fresh kiwis and pineapples because they contain enzymes that prevent the gelatin from setting in well.

*if you can find it, the alternative is to buy skinless mandarin oranges from a can instead of sliced clementines. Just drain it before you place them in the jello bowl.
*you can use a pan instead if you find it easier to cut into. (also, for creativity’s sake, use a glass bowl or glass pan so it can bring out the colour more. I don’t know why I chose a plain white one lol)
*just double the amount for a bigger party!
*It’s solidified when you lightly touch the surface and the surface remains intact.

This takes like 5 mins but for solid jello, you need to play the waiting game. Have fun!

By Caro

Total time: approx. 2 hr

Ingredients (servings: approx. 6)

1 box of orange flavoured jello powder (85g)
3 clementines (or desired amount)
jello ingredients


(1) Boil water
(2) Pour jello powder into a medium bowl
(3) Pour 1 cup of boiling water into the same bowl
(4) Stir until all powder melts
(5) Pour 1 cup of cold water
(6) Stir
(7) Peel the clementines away
(8) Slice each pieces in half
(9) place them into the bowl with the pretty side up, then refrigerate until solidified.

jello recipe
Making jello recipe 2
Making jello recipe 3
Making jello recipe 4
Get your vitamin C :)
The sweeter the clementines, the better!
Making jello recipe 5
Nom nom. Hope you and your kids like it :)

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