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Pumpkin seed recipe

(The Pumpkin seed recipe will be shown below the pumpkin carving pics)
Halloween is coming and it struck me that this is my first year carving a pumpkin! (late much?) So this year, I wasn’t going to let it pass. So I started looking into eye-catching templates and got excited like a 5 year old. Anyway, I began to wonder if I can use the pumpkin’s guts after carving for cooking but while the PRO carvers snickered at such a question, I realized the guts was no go. The only thing I can get out of it are the pumpkin seeds. The noob is learning…

The pumpkin seed recipe here is essentially roasted pumpkin seeds and it's great for crunchy snacks. But before I show you what you can do with the pumpkin seeds (pretty simple), I thought I’d share you how I carved my pumpkin. Enjoy my joys and failures of making my first one!

By Caro

Carving Pumpkin part 1
Pretty thick isn't it? I made sure I cut it slightly diagonally instead of straight down so that I can place the "lid" back on without it falling inside. Time to pull away the seeds! :D
Carving Pumpkin part 2
I kid you not, it smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g-ly FRESH, which honestly made me want to devour it. Don't.

Put the seeds in a large bowl for washing later. I felt like I discovered a hidden treasure loaded with pumpkin coins.
Carving Pumpkin part A
2 methods: 1- you can poke the drawing sheet with a fork (which feels like you're making connect-the-dots)
OR do step 2, just use a marker. Marker is easier to me. Even if you make a mistake, just take a damp tissue and wipe the mistakes (and miseries) away and no one will know better! Wish I could do that with my exams har har.
Carving Pumpkin part 3
TADA! Do you know what character this is? it's boo from super mario. Not perfect but close enough.
And the dashing one beside boo was done by my bf; the one and only ironman. Considering he lacks art skills, mr. ironman looks pretty slick don’t you think?
Carving Pumpkin part 4
If you want it to last longer, slather the insides with a layer of petroleum jelly soon after carving.
Pop in a candle - lights. camera. showcase.

With the right tools (pumpkin saw), it was VERY easy and fun to do. Be as creative as you can! If my bf can do it, ANYONE can. LOL

Total time: 2 hr

Quick requirements:
-large plastic cover to keep the area clean
-marker and damp tissue
-pumpkin carving tools: small pumpkin saw (don't use a kitchen knife, the saw is significantly easier) and a scooper/large spoon.
-petroleum jelly (optional)

Time to show you what we do with the pumpkin seeds:

Total time: 40 mins (excluding the extraction of seeds from pumpkin)


Pumpkin seeds extracted from pumpkin
sprinkle of salt


Part 1 (40 mins)
(1) Dunk the pumpkin seeds in a bowl and wash
(2) Make sure there’s no more orange pumpkin remains
(3) Take them out with a strainer
(4) Spread them on aluminum foiled pan and sprinkle salt and roast for approx. 35 mins (or until golden brown) at 350 °F.
(5) Midway during the roasting, move the seeds around
(6) Take it out and let it cool

Roasting pumpkin seed part A
Roasting pumpkin seed part 1
looks about right.
Roasting pumpkin seed part 3
We were surprised there were so many seeds from our 2 pumpkins.
Note: Turns out, we can eat the whole thing (“shell” included) because it’s not hard to chew. Although it does taste more dry than the seed alone, it is FULL of fiber goodness. Alright guys, enjoy your snack and Happy Halloween!

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