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Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

So it’s about time I do my own sweet and sour pork recipe because sweet and sour pork is one of my favourite dish!

The sweet and sour sauce as shown below is what I used to make this recipe. You can find this in Chinatown to provide the same flavour.

beg 1


By Caro

Total time: 2 h 30 min


2 lb tenderloin pork
200 ml sweet and sour sauce
vegetable oil
1/2 of whole pineapple (chunks)
1 chopped onions (bite-size)
1 chopped green bell pepper (bite-size)
1 teaspoon of salt
sprinkle of black pepper
2 teaspoon of sugar


Part 1
Here is how you cut a pineapple: (1) Cut the end sides, (2) cut downward all around, (3) cut diagonally to get rid of the brown spots because it pokes! (4) Slice the pineapples and cut into smaller portions or buy pre-cut pineapples from stores and put in a bowl. (5) Cut the green bell pepper in bite size and place in a separate bowl. (6) Chop the onion into chunks and cook it until it is tender yet crunchy (1-2 mins) and set aside in a separate bowl. (7) Cut the pork in chunks and marinate the pork with salt, pepper and sugar. (8) Pour the store-bought sweet and sour sauce into the pan and let it boil a little bit. (9) Combine the cooked pork chunks, pineapples, green bell pepper, onions and the sauce together and mix.

cooking sweet and sour pork part 1

Add rice on the side and serve.

sweet and sour pork

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